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780 Underd0gs StashHouse

Welcome to the StashHouse, the 780 Underd0gs gateway for all crew members.

Click here to check out the crew page on the Rockstar Social Club.


This page is still being worked on and added to as we speak, so expect all the features and pages to be up and running shortly. If you would like to contribute to the page feel free to MSG Negr0NamedColbs on R* Social Club - Zeeke0069 on Xbox LIVE - or NegroNamedColbs on Twitter.


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- NegroNamedColbs

- - Crew Founder




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- - Last Update: 03/08/2014

Wed. March 5th, 2014

Currently all crew members are ONLY gaming on the Xbox 360 Platform, so only those gaming on the same will be asked to join. The crew is currently set for open enlisting but that may be re-evaluated with growth or for quality control purposes [no one likes a griefer]...